Just a Perfect Day

My birthday was just gorgeously perfect.  All of the phone calls, text messages, cards, Facebook wall posts and such were SO appreciated!

Naturally I snapped some pictures with the camera on my cell phone.  I think that you’ll be delighted with the results of my upgrade.

I started out the morning by partaking in German Breakfast with my parents and Marcus at their house.

The set-up.

My birthday feast. x2

Joy. We only ended up demolishing the Cookies n’ Cream and Peanut Butter Cup cupcakes. I told Mom and Dad to save the Kevin’s Vanilla Princess for later.

Post-breakfast, Marcus and I headed out to the Chateau St. Croix Vineyard. Thankfully, I only ended up paying $10 for that Groupon because it basically sucked. There was black sludge on the floor of the room where they make the wine (concerning), the wines we tasted were inferior products compared to Charles Shaw, and the tour was led by a woman who told us there were mischievous leprechauns living in the bathrooms.


The Cellar. The tour guide romanticized the place and then basically dragged us into a warehouse. Sweet.

That being said, it actually was pretty cool to see the wine being aged in the oak barrels.

Among the many lovely birthday gifts I received was this apron from Marcus’ parents.

Please accept my apologies for the “Oil Painting” filter. I wanted to try all of the different editing modes possible.

The ruffle bit really gets me.  I love that Vera Bradley does aprons as well – they have SO many cute prints.

Obviously Mango Tango was a hit – I had a margarita and a couple of pina coladas.  That were the size of my head.  That I was able to get out of bed this morning and go running was nothing short of a total miracle.

On that note, my body is totally out-of-whack from the pre-race eating and the week of celebration that just took place, so the next two weeks (even though we’ll be in NYC this weekend!) will be totally dedicated to running, doing yoga, and eating seriously.healthy.stuff (Like tea.  I don’t even know if it actually helps, but psychologically, it helps.) to get my life back on track.  Indulgence is a wonderful thing, but I will be the first person to admit that an entire week is WAY too much.

As a belated birthday present to myself, I finally conducted the Facebook friend-purge I’ve been meaning to do for months.  I started the day with 1,081 friends.  We’ll close it out with 827.


4 responses to “Just a Perfect Day

  1. Love the apron!

  2. Happy birthday, girlie! Looks like a blast:)

  3. A belated Happy Birthday! I feel the same way about my green tea. Can’t start the day without my 2 cupfuls.

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