Welcome to Planet Earth

After I was born and they thrust me into Dad’s arms, Mom told him to say something, and he welcomed me to the Planet Earth.  No “we love you” or “you’re perfect.”  Just a warm welcome to the 3rd rock from the sun, where the only things that are certain are Death and Taxes.

For an early birthday present, Verizon gave me my phone number.  After three days with a temporary number and a period of several hours in which my phone had no phone number (and thus no actual phone-service) at all, I’m 100% comfortable with saying that Verizon has the most ridiculous, heinous customer service structure.  EVER.  And luckily, I’ll get to go through the wringer one more time when I get my permanent Droid.

I feel like I’ve been pretty darned great this year about not buying birthday presents for myself.  There was my 18th birthday where I got myself a Coach clutch, wristlet and digital camera (don’t ask), but that’s another story for another day.  I had a Barnes & Noble gift card I’ve been hoarding since January to burn, a coupon code, and a serious and long-ignored craving for Ree Drummond’s cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  She seems to share my natural distrust of People Who Cook With Margarine.


I also caved thanks to that little GAP 30%-off that was circulating via e-mail, and bought another wrap sweater that I’ve been coveting for a month or so.  Ironically, they were already marked-down online, and the color-combination I wanted was the cheaper sale-option, so I think this was an okay choice to make.  Lindsey has the same one in a different set of colors (she would like you all to know that she bought it first), so when I visit her in D.C., we’ll probably have to sport them and stage a photo-op.

And, because I’m now a convert, if you haven’t signed-up, it’s definitely time for you to start using Ebates.  You click-through their site to do your shopping (they just bring you to the retailer’s main page), you shop it out like normal (there is no next step) and they show you the monies via cash back.  I spent a year being skeptical, and now I wish that I had that money.


3 responses to “Welcome to Planet Earth

  1. Happy (belated) Birthday!!!

  2. In Verizon’s defense, they customer support staff is really nice and helpful, its just their number transfer system which is terrible.

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