Daily Archives: 08.25.2010

Tids and Bits: XII

Happy 21st Birthday, Billy! Even though they brought you home from the hospital on MY birthday, we’ve managed to dodge therapy all these years!

Hello lovelies!  I can’t keep my head in one place tonight, so Tids and Bits it is! 

  • Greek Yogurt: Because we care about plain greek yogurt (and Lord knows I really only use it for Overnight Oats and to top my baked potatoes so I need the inspiration too), I know I’ve read about people using it to bind pasta and/or potato salads.  Some use it WITH mayonnaise, others use it in place of.  Personally, I think either would be delicious, it just depends on what flavor you’re looking for.  Let’s list that one under “experiments we all need to try together.”
  • Yoga: I know I’ve been beating the Yoga-drum harder than usual as of late, but I woke up this morning and felt no stiffness or pain in my legs post-race.  So, if you’re looking for a salve to your problems, this is it.  As per the usual, if you’re not a studio person like me, Yoga Trainer (Lite and Pro) is a great app for iPod Touch and iPhone users.  If you have the cracked-out Comcast cable package or want to pay for downloads, Exercise TV also has great choices, with Yoga Sculpt and Yoga Meltdown being amongst my favorites.  Plus, you don’t have to endure the shame of losing your balance in front of everyone else in the studio.  To that end, I’ll probably be going for a 3.5 mile run post-work tomorrow.  It will be glorious.
  • Birthday Week: It’s Billy’s (my younger brother, for those of you who are new to the blog) 21st birthday tonight and my 23rd birthday (expect cupcakes) on Saturday.  I’m excited for him, just because having been the youngest for my age group as well (turning 21 right before Senior Year started), it will be SO nice for him to be able to go out with his friends all the time instead of having to be the one keeping watch at home.
  • Phone-Fest: I still don’t have my phone number back (like seriously, this is the most expensive way to go off the grid), but Marcus communed with the Verizon store and the new phone (complete with working speakers and what-have-you) will be ready for change-over and pick-up in the next two weeks.  This is a FAR better situation than what I was originally anticipating/expecting last night.
  • Jax Cafe: Jax has been the family haunt forever and this week I get to go twice.  Tonight we hit it up for Billy’s birthday dinner (I said yes to the “lunch portion” Prime Rib and ate the whole thing.  It was glorious) and tomorrow, Katie* and I are going with Mads to play kill-the-Groupon, since she moves out to California on Sunday.  I think I may live out one of my Minneapolis dreams of catching the trout in their stream for my dinner.  Naturally, you’ll all be apprised of this situation tomorrow.

As long as I don’t wake up tomorrow morning, expecting it to be Friday, I think that we’ll be on the right track.