High Holidays Fashion Show: Part II

As Dana observed in her comment on my last post for the High Holidays Fashion Show, September is pretty much the peskiest of times for wearing clothes in Minnesota.

Thankfully, Jews believe in air conditioning like, whoa.  Having attended an old Catholic church with NO air conditioning in the summer and another Lutheran church that simply utilized “ventilation,” I’ve gotta say, I appreciate my congregation’s embrace of climate-control.

So even though this week we’re doing colors, really it’s all about the separates and layers.  Because there’s really only one salve to “dressing for the weather” in this lovely state, and that’s to make sure that you are wearing every piece of clothing you own.  100 degrees out?  No problem.  40 degrees out?  No problem.  WE’VE GOT IT COVERED.


So where does that leave us?

Since most designers and stores are more black-heavy on the bottom (think black or black and white patterned skirts), it would be really easy to pair one of these blouses with a black skirt to keep the coral/peacock vibe under control.  With the cardigans, you can definitely do the longer and less “tailored” cardigans, but be sure to belt them over the skirt or dress you’re wearing.  Now that the baby doll-waist trend is all but extinct, we want to embrace the fact that we have waists.

Next week: Clothes To Wear To Dinner…after all, there are three of them.


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