SO together.

The weather today was just gorgeous, even though the fact that it was so crisp made me fear for fall.  But it also inspired The Spirit of Productivity.

I made granola.

The finished product.

And Muffins That Taste Like Donuts.

Exhibit A

They’re incredible.  If there’s a favor you do for yourself, make them.  Immediately.  They’re on the order of that zucchini pizza Jillian and I Actioned on Friday.

We brought home the treadmill we went to check-out last weekend, despite the fact that once it got home, we realized that the door would have to be removed from its frame in order to get the darned thing into the house.

But The Spirit of Productivity didn’t stop there.

Y’all also remember when I talked about my goals for the remainder of the summer in July, right?  After driving past the library that’s exactly 1/4 mile away from our place every day after work, I finally swallowed my pride this afternoon and joined-up again.  Despite my best efforts at pretending that I had never possessed a card, the librarian checked my account, declared it free of fines, and for $1 issued me a new card.  And as I exited with my books in-hand, I definitely had that “my shit is SO together” feeling wash-over me.


2 responses to “SO together.

  1. lowandbhold

    I love that feeling haha. I definitely felt that way when I got my library card.

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