Daily Archives: 08.11.2010

High Holidays Fashion Show: Part I

I know, blog make-over again.  But WordPress rolled out another theme that involved drop-down menus, a cleaner layout, and a category cloud that I loved so.much.more than Bueno.  Thanks again to Ree Drummond for her free high-res photo downloads.  I don’t think the one that I’m using as my header is still available, but it is nonetheless very appreciated, especially since I’m not a photography-type myself.

But that’s not really what I was going for today.

If you’re not having a full-on anxiety attack from the title of this post, then you really don’t have a healthy Fear of selecting outfits to wear on the High Holidays. 

For my non-Jewish readers, the High Holidays are Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

Things we accept as Fact: I do not feel at all reverent when I cover my shoulders, nor am I inspired to reverence by others covering theirs.  Separate Fact: The women in Marcus’ family don’t believe in wearing pants to shul.  This is the only thing that Michelle managed to Impress on me three years ago, and believe you me, it sticks.

And three years ago, I made Lindsey come over so that I could try on all-manner of full-skirted atrocities, because I didn’t know any better.  She saved me, I’m telling you.

But lucky for me, I can finally dress myself.  Though I think y’all know it was not without a lot of effort.

SO for the next month, I’ll be giving Linds a much-needed break and using all of you.

The only rule for this project is that everything I pick has to be wearable at work, and failing that, has to be good for date night.

This week, we’re looking at black.  It’s the safest way to start.

For the record, that sweater dress on the left is actually black.  I’m not entirely sure what ShopStyle was up-to there.

I decided to pair these things with a Tiffany Blue/Sea Green/Turquoise, because even though it’s “in” for this fall, it’s a classic look.  If you were to accessorize black with that color palette, it would look chic without being deeply trendy.