Raspberry Champagne = Jackpot

Jason and Christine’s wedding was the Saturday-leg of Wedding Weekend 2010.  They did a backyard ceremony, which was absolutely lovely.  Their colors were pomegranate and black, and her parents did a great job of landscaping the yard to incorporate that shade of pink into the gardens.

The programs. They were really simple, but worked incredibly well as personal fans.

And I rather did enjoy the stamps that they used on the programs. It appeared on the back of the program as well.

This would be the Unity Sand set-up. I personally don’t love the Unity Sand idea, but people just love it.

They had champagne with raspberries for sippin’ and toastin’ immediately following the ceremony. AKA, I was in absolute HEAVEN. I love champagne, but champagne with raspberries? Jackpot.

The table set-up.

And a close-up on the centerpieces. I’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s definitely one that you could do with any color-scheme.

Naturally, 5 Hour Energy had to make an appearance. It was a lifesaver.

The Tang Fountain. The groomsmen were quite enamored with it. Which may or may not have been because they brought Bacardi 151 into the equation. It’s safe to say that improved it.

It was the kind of the reception where you dance until your feet feel like they’re going to fall off and even though I was the DD, you had better believe that I busted out my sweet moves.  Poker Face?  Is my song.

Another appreciated touch?  The bride and groom definitely planned to have late-night pizza for the drunks and dancing fools alike.  If there’s something that everyone needs at your reception once the clock strikes 11 PM, its food.

On the same food note, I really think that if you have a reception with any sort of “cocktail hour” (open or cash), you need to serve hors d’oeurvres.  This happened twice this weekend and if The People can’t nosh, everyone ends up starving to death before dinner.  No bueno.

And now, we adjourn from the wedding scene until mid-September.


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