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Everybody Wins Situations

As they say, all good things must come to an end.

And despite the fact that my champagne-fueled, chocolate-coated weekend extravaganza including two weddings, a bridal shower for my cousin’s fiance and an eleven mile run were absolutely glorious, I’m ready to hunker-down into detox-mode this week.

Translation: There will be lots of tea and lots of unprocessed foods.

Did I mention that we also drove across the metro to check out a treadmill that we found on Craigslist?  When I say “across the metro” instead of “the city,” I mean, it took us 45 minutes to get there.

Because there was that too.  But thankfully, we saw it, we loved it, we gave the guy half of the payment up-front and next weekend we’ll be returning to pick the darned thing up.

Can I tell you how wonderful it will be to have the option to run inside again on the days when it’s oppressively hot?  When it’s pouring?  How perfect it will be to be able to wake up in the early A.M. when my schedule is a mess, and be able to run without having to worry about The Dark?

So yes, we have left the weekend behind, and really, the past four weeks of mayhem in the dust.  It was a wild ride, but I need some time to catch my breath and live life.  You know?

This week is the perfect canvas.  The only things I have scheduled are time with my girlfriends (Linds and Mads are moving out-of-town in the next few weeks and Jillian moved back to MN at the beginning of the summer) and some time to relax and make the magic happen in the kitchen.  Obviously there’s a host of other things that do need to be done at some point (cleaning, more unpacking, re-arranging of things, the purchasing of paint for the bathrooms and the inevitable painting that will follow), but scheduling those things would ruin The Zen.

I know that awhile ago I told y’all I was trying to escape from my cooking rut, which, thus far has been going swimmingly.  I’ve been enjoying zucchini and beets (vegetables I’ve never enjoyed in any sort of significant quantity prior to this summer) and baking up a storm (a la focaccia, banana bread muffins, and pizza crust).  Since I have time to breathe again, I’ve got a couple of dishes I’ve been dying to try that would fit into the category of “make the magic happen in the kitchen.”  I’m not sure what this week’s selections say about me, but it’s what we do.

I will make Muffins That Taste Like Donuts.

And because I had to bring milk into the equation in order to make the aforementioned recipe (I don’t drink straight milk because I’m Lactose Intolerant…anything else is fair game), I’m going to take a whack at making Overnight Oats.  If they’re all that they’re cracked up to be, I should be more than happy to add another dish to my breakfast repertoire.

Did I mention that I adore breakfast?  Another tale, for another time.

Finally, to get rid of the last few Tilapia filets that we have in the freezer, we might take a whack at fish tacos.  That’s an everybody wins situation if I’ve ever seen one.

And yes, I know I owe y’all the run-down from Saturday’s wedding.  I’ll make sure to post the pictures tomorrow!



The wedding updates come.  Finally.

I thought that it would be nice for y’all to have something to kill the monotony at work with.

SO, Cassie and Dylan’s wedding was on Friday night.  The ceremony was at a hotel, and then they hosted the reception at Jax in Minneapolis.  For the record, Jax is one of my favorite restaurants in Minneapolis.

More fortunately, this was the weekend of Weddings With Champagne.  Y’all know that I adore it, and no wedding I’ve been to up until this point in the summer has served it.  Logically, it was a great weekend.

Thankfully at this wedding I actually thought to take a picture of Marcus and I.

Peacocks were the theme of the wedding. They first appeared on the save-the-dates and were part of the motif for the rest of the celebration. I've never seen it done before, but it was such a unique touch!

They had a couple of different centerpiece options. This one was simple but so pretty!

Other tables had wreaths of feathers.

Biscotti were the favor, but since dinner didn't start until 8 PM and we had all been enjoying the champagne, those disappeared real fast.

Steak cooked a perfect medium rare. It was the best wedding food I've ever had. And is one of those meals I'd just love to order at a restaurant anyway.

Unfortunately, because the dinner started so late (it was scheduled that way, so it wasn’t surprising!), by the time the clock hit 10:30 PM, dancing still had not.  Naturally, I had to go for a run the next morning, so we had to call it a night.