Entirely Sure

The Universe and I, lately we’ve been riding the same wave.

See, you have to understand that I probably spend at least 5-10 minutes daily just daydreaming about cupcakes.  How to obtain them.  What it might be like if I were to actually bake them.  How the rest of my work day would go if I were to order them from Sweet Retreat for delivery and then eat the entire box.

That sort of thing.

Totally normal.

So imagine my delight and surprise, when last night at the annual family fish fry (that logically, follows the annual fishing trip) slash Jacki and Adam’s birthdays (they’re both August 5th pups) Auntie Cindy busted out two dozen cupcakes from those hallowed grounds.

This is how you know that good things are coming.

Cynthia’s Chocolate on Chocolate and Cookies n’ Cream

Red Velvet and Monkey Business

Consider it Manifested a la The Secret.

After eating a Cookies n’ Cream cupcake and then half of Marcus’ Red Velvet cupcake (not bad, but not nearly as incredible as some of the other flavors), which I made him take and sample for the sole purpose of my being able to devour the rest of, I was spent.  And on the most lovely sugar-high.

And then, THEN, Auntie Cindy sent me home with a Cynthia’s Chocolate on Chocolate cupcake and two Monkey Business cupcakes.  They’ve all joined the carb-graveyard.  So that I can break them out during Weak Moments.

I’m not entirely sure how yesterday could have been any better.

Oh wait, we bought our plane tickets for New York.

I’m entirely sure.

It was the best day.

But there’s more to this world.

Friends, you know I only share with you the things that are right and good in the universe.  And only after I’m 100% positive that we’re not going to get all of our identities stolen or robbed blind.

Fact: I internet shop FAR more than I shop in-store.


With Ebates, if you shop through via their site (example: going to Ebates and clicking through to the Ann Taylor website), you get cash back on every purchase you make.  They get a commission for you utilizing the site to make a purchase, you get cash back for using them.  Four times a year you get a check for money.  I’ve watched everyone else on the internet use it without problems for months now, and mostly am just mourning the fact that I could.have.saved.so.much.cash.  For living my life.  It does not change the discounts/free shipping opportunities/anything else that makes whatever you’re buying a “deal.”  You just click through ebates, shop it out like you normally do, and make money while you spend it.

So please, if you shop it out on the internets at all (including booking travel!), or like money, do yourselves a favor and join now.

And now, I swear-to-god I’m done trying to get y’all to join-up with things on the internet for a good, long while.

You know, until something else really wonderful comes along.

At which point, we join.


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