The Best Policy.

Fact: When you’re drinking Champagne, it’s really easy to lose track of how much you’ve consumed.  It’s delightful, luxurious, and Too Easy to Sip Without Abandon.  I’m assuming my body will forgive me for all of this tomorrow.

Tonight’s one of those nights where if I were to be attempting a blog from my cell phone, I would either pass-out in the passenger seat or start typing in gibberish, both of which (shamefully enough) have happened in real life.  That being said, at least you know where I’m coming from and what a miracle it is that ANY of my sentences are even remotely coherent.

And yes, that’s a totally fancy, drawn-out way of saying that I’m completely exhausted and can’t handle staying awake for a moment  longer.

Honesty is The Best policy.

So, since we’re not following the most rigid schedule, now is my chance to share what’s what with you all.  I love free things and I know y’all do too, so FYI, there’s a promo going on over at Rue La La for the next two weeks where if you join (it’s free), you’ll get $10 credited to your account.  So if you’re not a member, and you like to shop it out, then now is the time.

It’s time to log-off now, since I’m starting to stare at my netbook from a cross-eyed perspective.

Not okay.


One response to “The Best Policy.

  1. Yes, yes and yes to all of your comments on my blog last night! We definitely should go to some classes together once you join Lifetime. We can look like fools together. 🙂

    I’m also loving your idea about the Whole Foods classes. My life starts to become more ‘normal’ starting in mid-August. We are totally hitting up a class ASAP. I need to find the schedule!

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