Daily Archives: 07.12.2010

Rose Ceremony

What is lovely: The weather this week.

I don’t consider myself a Bachelorette-type of person, but this season, I got totally sucked in.  It’s a mystical combination of Marcus being out of the house (at Kickball), wine, chocolate and quality couch-time.  Who am I to try and fight the forces of nature?

My version of tonight’s rose ceremony: None of this is about your families, but Kirk, your dad taxidermies WAY too much shit to be anywhere in the realm of “normal.”  And the fact that he keeps the snacks in the freezer with the animals means I would never be able to eat another popsicle as long as I live.

I’m not sayin’ but I’m just sayin’.  There’s just something about reality t.v. and contrived farewell-scenes that never disappoint.


A black hole

Obviously you all remember when we began purging useless crap from my parents’ place like the Beanie Baby tree.

Yesterday, these met their final fate in the trash.

They stood no chance.

I was actually fairly horrified that these had even made it past 2000. 

My childhood bedroom?  A black hole.