Perfection or mess?

Most important order of business:  Yes, I know I swore off of shopping until the fall.  But Ralph Lauren is having a fantastic 25% off sale on some of their sale items and guess what they just happened to be hawking?

I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that while I was running today, I had a serious internal debate about whether or not to buy a second.

 This polo dress for $52.  And since I needed to toss the sad, American Apparel polo dress I’ve been needlessly hanging onto since junior year of college, I figured a quality-upgrade was in order as well.

The moral of the story?  If you love RL or polo dresses, you need to jump on this one.

In other news, Lis and I attempted to eat the Mount Vesuvius of salads for lunch today.  Homegirl was in-town from her Illinois homeland and naturally we had to catch-up.

And yes, I picked ranch dressing even though entire volumes have been written on the internets about how ranch dressing at the salad bar will lead you down the path to sin.  For me, eating ranch dressing is a treat (it does not live in my fridge…though I do have a powdered packet of it in the cupboard in case of emergency).  And so is going out to lunch.

ALL OF THAT ASIDE, since I just can’t stop sharing today, apparently I’ve reached the point in the summer (this happens every few months) where I take stock of my life. This involves about 10 seconds of determining if it even remotely resembles what I had envisioned for myself, and which parts I wish were more fabulous.  What I’ve to reckon for the remainder of the summer:

  • My social life is finally in rehab-mode.  After a crazy month and a half of moving, weddings and sun, I need to spend FAR more time with the people who keep me constantly laughing.
  • I wish I was the kind of girl who had the patience for hot rollers.
  • I am the kind of girl who has enough time to make sure her nails don’t look like a hot mess.
  • I need to start cooking one new recipe per week.  The food that Marcus and I eat is healthy and delicious, but I’m not expanding on my skills.  It’s time to get to business.  Not to mention the two shelves worth of cookbooks we have.
  • I should probably suck it up, figure out what sort of fine I might possibly owe the Hennepin County Library System from 2002 and get a library card.  Since we live a half-mile away.  And I need to get crackin’ on my books-reading.

Plans.  I’ve got them.


2 responses to “Perfection or mess?

  1. Don’t worry about the library fine. I have one from probably around 2002 on my card too and they still let you check out books. I just use the self check-out so no one can ask me about it. I’m not planning to pay it ever.

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