Choose Sherbet

I truly, sincerely hope that none of you are at work today.  Personally, I’m on my way down from The Cabin and will owe you all a post detailing yesterday’s exploits later.

In the here and now, we recover.

The rational side of me wants to justify this as being a collection of “really cute pieces you can mix and match for work and play.”

It’s summer.  Pink and green are always appropriate choices.  A personal clothing rule that’s safe to follow is, When in doubt, choose sherbet.  AKA, if you’re confused as to what you should be wearing and black isn’t acceptable, fall back on pink, green and orange/yellow.  If you’re in a situation where these are still wrong, then you’re in the wrong situation.

I’m allergic to nickel so the earrings aren’t ever going to happen for me, but I do have a cute vintage pair (NOT heart-shaped) that are extremely similar.  In a perfect world, I would probably own about ten pairs like them.


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