Daily Archives: 07.04.2010

It’s like Independence Day…or something.

So, we’ve been living and loving at the cabin.  In honor of Independence Day, I could write some sort of Patriotic-blather about loving America and freedom. 

Or I could show you all the cream of the crop at the Flea Market.

Consider yourselves spared.

Toy horses on crack...what?

The kitten-patterned bag is what first caught my eye. As if the embroidery bit wasn't enough.

Marcus has always wanted to run with the bulls in Pamplona. I suggested that maybe we could chase him around the yard with these first to see if he's really as committed to this dream as he thinks he is.


We also accomplished a bit of fishing yesterday.  And by “we,” I mean that Marcus and I drank, while Billy and David carried the team.


The not-so-lucky fisherman.

Not to sound crass, but the cloud is basically shitting a rainbow. I have never seen anything like this before.

At least the one catch of the night was worth it.

It was basically like having JAWS on board.

Happy hour calls.