Daily Archives: 06.29.2010


Running was brutal today.  Brutal as in, I never found my stride, never found my breathing, never found my “zone.”  And as a reward for actually finishing the run I had planned on making happen, I got a really sweet knot in my left calf.

Like I said – brutal.

I may or may not be self-medicating at the moment with a glass of wine and a plate of chocolate, that truth be told, I am inhaling like a professional.  A brownie bite from the freezer may or may not be next on the agenda.  I just can’t make any promises.

If I was shopping it out, this is what I would be running-wild in this week.  Even though it’s sunny this week.  ESPECIALLY since it’s sunny this week.  Because we’ve finally reached the perfect summer weather-equilibrium: warm during the day, cool at night.  And let’s get serious – this lady has a big girl job that involves being inside under fluorescent lights for ~9 hours a day.  Which means that the night is mine.

But as we all know…

By the way, how fantastic is my new closet? One of the things I hated the most about moving out of the sorority was the fact that I lost my two closets - one was designated for clothes, and the other accessories. The purse, scarf and shoe shelves? Back.in.action. Adore.

…I’m not exactly in-need of more clothing at the moment.  So I’ll be holding off on any additional shopping until mid-September because Lord only knows that my body will be a totally different size (again) and like, most of this will not be useful for the colder months.  Sometimes, it’s important to be in-touch with reality.