It’s not because I care.

I am coming to terms with the fact that I am a completely, utterly, 100% recreational blood-donor.

The first time I donated, it was because I was on the Homecoming Court at the University of Minnesota, running for Queen and I wanted to be able to have a good tale to share with everyone who had joined my Facebook group.  I also felt the need to “look like a team player.”

The Blood Mobile came to my office yesterday and obviously I didn’t sign up for a spot, because that’s not what I do.

But after one of my co-workers returned, I decided, Hell, when else can you do good and lose weight without trying at the same time?

Coming off of one of the worst weeks for retaining water ever?


Y’all know I totally did it.

I also had to ask the hard questions.  As prompted by the release form/waiver I was signing, I NEEDED to know exactly how often arterial puncture occurs.

Apparently it is rare.  And I am not a victim.  Thank you, hypochondria.

Just think of me from now on as a LIFESAVER.

And in all seriousness, figure out how you can donate a pint.  As a reward, go treat yourself to one afterward.  It’s the best and only way to do it.

One response to “It’s not because I care.

  1. I wish I could donate blood – I’ve only gotten to once, but usually my iron count is too low.

    Also, Arterial Puncture would make a bitchin’ band name.

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