Daily Archives: 06.18.2010


For no other selfish reason than the fact that I love reading what they write and they haven’t been blogging or otherwise publicly sharing their thoughts with the world as of late, Lis  and Martha  will be doing guest posts while I’m at the cabin this weekend.  It’s entirely possible that I might pop on to share a tidbit or two with you all, but in the spirit of total relaxation (since this week was hell), it could be nice to log-off.
I also know that while Marcus is mystified and impressed by my ability to out-techie him with this thing, he will also appreciate the opportunity to unplug, since when I’m blogging and he’s around, it means that he’s committed too.
I make no promises about Twitter.
And for those of you who are new to this game and don’t already know all about the mystique of the cabin, check out this post here or read about all of my adventures in Crosslake Up North at the Cabin.

In the meanwhile, I head north on 101 with my Chocolate Chip Banana Bread and a few bottles of wine in tow.