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We love. And we live.

Gray Suede Nation!  The reports are coming in from all over that we are buying this color and loving it.  This, I love.  Much like the glee season finale, the internets agrees with us once again.  Not that we’re herd-followers, but if you’re going to jump on the front-end of a trend, it’s nice to know it’s going somewhere.  Army-chic and cargo pants?  A trend I sincerely hope is on the road to nowhere.  If I had to compare it to something, I’d say that it’s probably as bad as the flannel-lumberjack craze we had to endure last year.  Be strong.  Say no.  That’s pretty much the only thing they taught anyone in D.A.R.E., so you should be pretty good at that by now.

What else do I love today?  That the sun is coming out and the weather is clearing up just in time for me to enjoy it this evening.  AND that the weekend is finally here.  I’m 100% positive I’m not the only person who feels like they’ve been run-over and then backed-over again by this week.  Who knows what that was all about, really.  Point being, we made it.  So, go do something nice for yourself.  Order a drink you think is too fancy, the dessert that seems a little bit too over-the-top for the kind of night you’re trying to have and pull out your special dress.  Because tonight, we’re re-setting the clock.  We’ve earned it, I think.

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Let me tell you about Crate and Barrel.

First and foremost, I am extremely lucky to work ~2 miles away from the only store in the state.  More importantly, I only go in there when I have a registry gift to get.

You see, Crate and Barrel is a DANGEROUS place for a girl like me to be in.  Because if I have to buy something off of your registry, Lord knows I’ll find something while I’m there for myself.  While Marcus and I haven’t registered yet (for obvious seasonal reasons), we’re at the point where we really won’t be and shouldn’t be buying anything for our place in the next year.

Case in point: Last year when I was getting gifts for Brittany, I got the colorful Parker Mixing Bowls (because I saw them on her registry and they were SO fantastic!) and then just for kicks, I grabbed the mini-bowls as well.  For the record, my set is a brighter color than those pictured here.  But you get the idea.

Picture from Crate and Barrel.

This week, while I was standing in line to check-out with Carrie’s gift, these caught my eye.

Picture from Crate and Barrel.

And then suddenly, I was buying eight of them.

I think the official term for this is a “Mulligan.”

In all seriousness, I love appetizer plates, and small bowls.  They’re perfect for keeping portion sizes under control, and given that I don’t usually eat “traditional” meals, these are a much better fit for what I might pull out of the pantry.  At this point, the question should really be whether or not I go back to the store to make it a set of 12.