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Gray Suede

I’m still working my way through the pan of brownies I made and froze the last time Katie* was over for dinner.  And every time I take one out of the freezer to enjoy, I’m so thankful I did that!  PLUS, I thought that a brownie would be a good way to bust out of the red wine-dark chocolate-rut I’ve been in for the past week.  Innovative, no?

If y’all don’t mind, can we take a moment to love something that I’m obsessed with?

Hello, Gray Suede.  I actually heard about this polish color from Chloe, who I consider to be the super-stylin’ older sister I never had.  The good news?  We can all share her.

Consider Gray Suede to be a pair of nude heels for your fingernails.  Judging from the internets, there are some people this color will just not work for.  BUT, for most of you, I think this will be a huge win.  And, you should be able to find it at your local drugstore for all of about $4.  Where’s the downside?  At that price, it’s exactly as financially risky as a latte.

That being said, it’s part of a line that ‘s just being released (some stores got it early, some are just getting it now, some still don’t have it), so you may have to hunt and peck a bit. 

Patience is a virtue.

The moral of the story?  Take 10 minutes today and do something lovely for yourself.



Obviously it’s been forever since I’ve even promised that I would update you all on Marcus’ and my journey through 101 in 1001.

Here’s what we’ve got goin’ on so far…Some of these are repetitive (per season or per year), so we just have to work with what we’ve got for now.  Yes, some of them are trivial, but all of them are changes for us.  For clarity, they’re separated by the category we wrote them for.

For You+Me

  • 1. Lose 20 lbs (Kat)
  • 2. Become a Jew (Kat)
  • 5. Get regular medical check-ups (dental and doctor’s visits – we have benefits so we have to use them!)
  • 6. Get flu shots
  • 7. Go to Creekside Association meetings every three months
  • 9. Start a joint calendar
  • 13. Paint my nails and toenails every other week
  • 26. Get engaged

Making the World a Better Place

  • 30. Get recycling bins

For Family + Friends

  • 32. Make a list of the birthdays and life events of our family and friends


  • 37. Place mezuzot on appropriate doorposts

Home Renovations

  • 43. Plant tomato, herb and flower planters on deck
  • 44. Pick out two pieces of art for the living room
  • 50. Replace outlet and switch plates where appropriate
  • 52. Mount proper towel-racks in the master bathroom

Culinary Adventures

  • 55. Cook one new recipe each week
  • 63. Make gnocchi by hand
  • 64. In the summer, choose fresh produce from Gregor Farm/Produce Stands before the grocery store
  • 65. Make herb-infused olive oil, replace as needed

Hitting the Road

  • 67. Visit Hawaii

Trying Something New

  • 84. Bike from Minnetonka East to Adele’s once per summer
  • 91. Get two houseplants, when there are not two house plants, purchase fresh flowers

For the Future

  • 95. Contribute to retirement plans to maximize employer contribution

We’re finishing on May 12, 2012, so I’d say that so far we’ve made a pretty good dent, considering the fact that our project kind of fell by the wayside over the winter.