Daily Archives: 06.06.2010


We were at Grand Old Days today and I thought I should show you a shot of the best-of-the-best.

Until five hours ago, I didn’t know they made Baby Bjorns for Chihuahuas.

I’m still not entirely sure what the point of Grand Old Days is, beyond walking a ridiculous amount (5 miles) and participating in a slightly watered-down version of the State Fair food-wise (yes, I did the cheese curds).  But, the weather here was so perfect that being outside was the only logical choice.

Street-stands and pavement aside, we visited Just Truffles, which is a chocolate shop that’s been featured on Oprah.  I picked out a Carmel-Peanut Butter Cup that was probably too expensive, but tasted incredible.

Fast-forward to a brief moment at mi parentes casita (I really hope that means my parents’ house en espanol).  Mom is undergoing a purging-phase that involves re-doing my childhood bedroom into a guest room (yes!), downsizing her hat-collection, and yes, getting rid of the Beanie Baby Tree.

Honestly, I’m not quite sure how it managed to make it to 2010.  And no, it hasn’t been inhabiting the living room for the last ~13 years, Billy had to bring it downstairs to begin the purge-process.  We sibling no-voted the opportunity to put this totem pole from hell on the curb with a “FREE” sign attached.  We have to allow our neighbors to allow to maintain some semblance of dignity.



Last night Jillian, Leah and I watched the Twins game (considering we were tuned in for eight innings, this is the most baseball I’ve watched in recent memory), drank wine and relaxed.  Necessary.  Our conversations could best be summarized as, “We’re living uneventful lives, are sometimes forced to swim against the current, are tired humans, and are happy with the lot we’ve been given.”  My opinion of the friendship I have with them is that if y’all don’t have a Jillian and Leah in your life, you need to go out and find.that.

The most eventful part of the evening was a vicious fight I got into with a Pampered Chef can opener.  After spending 10 minutes fighting with the damn thing (and making Leah fight with it as well), I managed to get my can of soup opened.  And then I promptly forced them both to swear up and down that they wouldn’t buy anything even remotely resembling that as a wedding present.

Our friendship will continue to remain intact.

Because we were at Leah’s house, we got to spend some quality time with her pets, Laila (a Sheltie…she tries to herd us…last night she tried to herd the furniture) and Cricket (a kitty-type).  They always crack me up and apparently, Cricket has a bowl on the kitchen counter that is known as “hers.”

Like, what?