Daily Archives: 06.05.2010

Date night!

Lesson from last night: Don’t blog on your way home from a restaurant as you’re flashing in and out of a full-blown food coma.  I will totally admit that I went through last night’s post to edit spelling and punctuation as some nuts and bolts were really missing.

Y’all know how mad-hectic my life (our life?) has been lately with weddings, parties, and like every other social event under the sun.  But last night Marcus and I were pleasantly surprised with a free weekend evening and you know we jumped on that and had an impromptu date-night.

We started off the evening with a walk around Lake Calhoun and some margaritas/happy hour nosh at Bar Abilene.  Love their margs, but frankly, the happy hour treats were embarrassingly bad.  I’m of the belief that happy hour has to be 100% awesome for me to love it (great drinks AND great treats) and this one was a flat-out 50%.  Enough said.

SO.  Back to the high points again after that little journey down mediocrity lane…

Since I’ve been but a little pup, Mom and Dad have been bringing Billy and I to Broders on the edge of Linden Hills for slices of pizza and other legit Italian fare following our family lake-walks.

BUT (and this is essential), in addition to that lovely little deli/Italian food-mart, they also have a Pasta Bar.  Which brings us to last night.  I’ve been having mad-cravings for red wine and crusty bread lately.  Broders?  The solution.  We were originally going to eat inside, but then, surprise-surprise, we discovered they had an antipasto bar outside.  This would have everything to do with the fact that Broders does not take reservations and when we rolled outside to wait with our buzzer, there happened to be two seats at the bar.

Glory hallelujah.

The following is our story.

The set-up.

This ended up being a totally silent dinner because we just watched them cook.  The entire time.  It was incredible.  For some people, this might be problematic, but for us, it was just what we needed.

Our first course ended up being a Garlic Bruschetta and Calamari.  Gorgeous.

We moved onto blistered peppers.

And grilled scallops.  These were amazing.  The sweetness of the scallop went perfectly with the red sauce they were planted on.

To embrace the strange, we tried the Mahi Mahi cheeks.  The sweet and sour vegetables that accompanied this dish were more interesting than the cheeks themselves.  And, it was served cold.  We were not prepared.

With dinner, I drank a red called Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.  It was absolutely delicious.  We also neglected to photograph the salumi tray (incredible), grilled artichoke hearts (also incredible), Italian maki (watery + terrible) and tira misu (inhaled that).

Seeing as we didn’t even know that the antipasto bar existed until last night, we absolutely can’t wait to go back and have another relaxing evening.

It was absolutely perfect.  And if you haven’t been to Broders and you live in the Twin Cities area, it’s definitely time for you to get.over.there.