Eyebrow Emergency

I have a little tale for you all tonight since I’m currently celebrating the loss of another two pounds by descending into a post-Broeder’s food coma. Eating the best tira misu in the city is the reason I keep on running…you know?

ANYWAY, I woke up this morning and peeked in the mirror, as I am given to doing every daybreak.

And I proceeded to have the horrifying realization that my left eyebrow looked TOTALLY DIFFERENT than my right. This was shocking and problematic for obvious reasons.

Naturally I went for the pink tweezers that I permanently borrowed from Maari during our freshman year of college.

Did I mention that I love those things? Because I kind of do. And they’re pink.

If I had to be stranded on a desert island (or cast for Survivor), it’s entirely plausible that I would choose those tweezers for my one item.

But anyway, I picked them up at 6 AM, attempted to wrangle my eyebrows into some sort of workable shape (like seriously, judging from today’s experience, I’ve let myself go…), and then had to remember the key tenet of tweezing.


Otherwise, you end up drawing those suckers on.  Which is obviously, realistic. And flattering.


So I gently replaced them in my medicine cabinet. A safe place, where my face won’t be and can’t be mangled.

We’ll check out the aftermath in the morning and see what shape my left eyebrow really is.

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