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This week, it simply feels as if there is no time.  It’s not that there isn’t enough of it.  It’s that there just isn’t any at all.  And yet, we continue.

I was e-mailing with a friend today who feels like life is kicking her in the pants (Um, don’t we all sometimes?).  My in-the-middle of the workday prescription was a small Skinny Latte with a flavor shot from Caribou, and 1/4 of a bar of good dark chocolate.  It’s precisely the right amount of indulgence to make you feel special, while not so junky that you’d feel like a whale later or beat yourself up over the splurge (a girl’s gotta troubleshoot, okay?).

After/outside of work?  A patio.  A fleece blanket when you can’t be on the patio.  A glass of wine.  A plate of crusty bread with olive oil and hunks of cheese.  A DIY manicure and pedicure.

At the cabin, sitting on the end of the dock.  With a beer.  Without a beer.

My theory is that in these moments, you need something that’s going to make you feel like you’re truly home, but will also make you feel like you’re worth more than the gum on the bottom of someone’s shoe.

To express it more logically, Cozy + Special = an unstoppable  combination.

I hate ending blog posts with a question for people to answer, but this go-round, I’m genuinely curious about what your answer is.  What’s your pick-me-up when you’re losing at life?



Running was brutal today.  Brutal as in, I never found my stride, never found my breathing, never found my “zone.”  And as a reward for actually finishing the run I had planned on making happen, I got a really sweet knot in my left calf.

Like I said – brutal.

I may or may not be self-medicating at the moment with a glass of wine and a plate of chocolate, that truth be told, I am inhaling like a professional.  A brownie bite from the freezer may or may not be next on the agenda.  I just can’t make any promises.

If I was shopping it out, this is what I would be running-wild in this week.  Even though it’s sunny this week.  ESPECIALLY since it’s sunny this week.  Because we’ve finally reached the perfect summer weather-equilibrium: warm during the day, cool at night.  And let’s get serious – this lady has a big girl job that involves being inside under fluorescent lights for ~9 hours a day.  Which means that the night is mine.

But as we all know…

By the way, how fantastic is my new closet? One of the things I hated the most about moving out of the sorority was the fact that I lost my two closets - one was designated for clothes, and the other accessories. The purse, scarf and shoe shelves? Adore.

…I’m not exactly in-need of more clothing at the moment.  So I’ll be holding off on any additional shopping until mid-September because Lord only knows that my body will be a totally different size (again) and like, most of this will not be useful for the colder months.  Sometimes, it’s important to be in-touch with reality.

Tids and Bits: Part XI

What happens after a wild weekend of feasting, moving and loving life?  Tids.  And.  Bits.

  • Al Vento: I know I got y’all excited about the Groupon-fueled date that Marcus and I had on Friday night.  Basically, it was so, incredibly delicious and perfect, that we took zero pictures.  We were living in the moment, people.  But, what did we have?  A bruschetta sampler that included olive tapenade & goat cheese, burrata & baby broccoli, eggplant caponata, and a white bean & red pepper mess.  There were sicilian stuffed mushrooms with pine nuts, a red sauce, and some truffle-ing.  I swooned over the charcuterie plate of salami, proscuitto, burrata, goat chese, fontina, gorgonzola, pate, crostini, olives and arugula salad.  In my dream world, I eat plates like that EVERY DAY.  But naturally, we also had a pizza topped with red potatoes, spinach, gorgonzola and red onion.  And a papardelle with lamb bolognese and truffle oil.  A bottle of Montepulciano and Tira Misu.  Dominated.  It hurts a little bit inside just thinking about the glorious-ness of it all.  If you’re in the cities, definitely go.  Sans-Groupon, our tab probably would have been $90, but we also set-out to eat the entire menu and got a bottle of wine, which as we all know, is so unnecessary.
  • Moving: Yes, Edward and Bella made it, but so did the rest of my stuff.  The kitchen looks gorgeous (yes, I owe you pictures), and by that I mean that it’s fully stocked with all of the pantry items and cooking implements that I could possibly want in the here and now.  Eating breakfast, snacks and what-have-you off of my new plates has been FABULOUS.  Since I’m really big on moving stuff over and settling in ASAP, I invited some ladies over to assist me with the process, which was pretty much the best idea ever.  They organized and re-organized my closet (it needed help), shelved books, and did things that gave me the time to deal with less-glamorous tasks like creating a linen closet, and organizing the medicine cabinet.  Did I mention that I now live in the land of all-y0u-can handle cable, DVR and wireless internet?  Just wow.
  • Up North: Even though I no longer need to pack a bag in order to live my life on a weekly-basis, we will definitely be in Crosslake for the 4th of July.  Miss Tam’s family also has a cabin up there, and she’s already promised me that she’ll be by to Big Pine to enjoy the bucket of Margaritas.
  • Hello, gorgeous: Though I’m a bit of a makeup minimalist (I don’t wear foundation/powder, I don’t buy anything that you can’t find at Target), I did a bit of re-stocking this weekend and the results have been fantastic.  If you’re low on bronzer, or don’t own any at all, I would definitely recommend the Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Bronzer.  They designed it as a bronzer, blush and eye shadow, which is just my thing considering the fact that I usually want to use my blush for my eyes (don’t ask).  I also finally made some time this evening for a little self-pampering and managed to squeeze in a DIY manicure and pedicure.
  • Survivors: Despite Mother Nature’s best efforts, my herbs survived (in a big way) and are growing better than ever.  AND, they’re finally big enough that I feel comfortable nipping off leaves at-will to enjoy in our meals.  I used a palmful of Basil in the bruschetta I made for the ladies on Sunday, sent some Oregano home with Linds to use on her oven fries this week, and then took my own medicine and used some tonight on MY oven fries.  Simply incredible.  Next stop, Tarragon.

Consider Monday defeated.

I made it!

Friends, this weekend was WORK!  I tried to type a post from my phone in bed last night, but ended up falling asleep on-top of it. 

Um, what?

C’est la vie.

In the here and now…

All you need to know is that Edward and Bella (as well as their patch of “grass”) survived the big move.

It’s not because I care.

I am coming to terms with the fact that I am a completely, utterly, 100% recreational blood-donor.

The first time I donated, it was because I was on the Homecoming Court at the University of Minnesota, running for Queen and I wanted to be able to have a good tale to share with everyone who had joined my Facebook group.  I also felt the need to “look like a team player.”

The Blood Mobile came to my office yesterday and obviously I didn’t sign up for a spot, because that’s not what I do.

But after one of my co-workers returned, I decided, Hell, when else can you do good and lose weight without trying at the same time?

Coming off of one of the worst weeks for retaining water ever?


Y’all know I totally did it.

I also had to ask the hard questions.  As prompted by the release form/waiver I was signing, I NEEDED to know exactly how often arterial puncture occurs.

Apparently it is rare.  And I am not a victim.  Thank you, hypochondria.

Just think of me from now on as a LIFESAVER.

And in all seriousness, figure out how you can donate a pint.  As a reward, go treat yourself to one afterward.  It’s the best and only way to do it.

Date Night x2

Tonight we’re headed to Al Vento for another lovely, Linden Hills-inspired, Italian date night because we’ve been hoarding that Groupon for probably four months.

If it’s anywhere near as fantastic as the Broders’ adventure we had a few weeks back, then y’all have the right to expect lots of pictures.  And then, in the spirit of If you Give a Mouse a Cookie, y’all will probably have to check the place out for yourselves.

This is how things work in America.

It’s a 9.5

Hello, exhaustion.  I almost missed you.

Judging from the conversations I had with friends this week, I think, that if we had to rate this seven-day time period on a scale of 1-10, it would have gotten a 9.5.

9.5 = Barely Constrained Terror

Just think on that one for awhile.  You know I’m right.

So how does one Hey Jude a situation (AKA a week) like that?  The only way you can, really.  With a much-needed trip to The Tin Fish

Translation: I inhaled my favorite fried cod sandwich on a hoagie bun (Like, seriously, how ridiculous is that?), waffle fries and coleslaw for all of $6.  Deal.

Bummed you’re not in Minnesota?  While they pretend to be totally independent and local, The Tin Fish is 100% a chain (seriously disappointing).  So check their site and see if there’s a locale near you.  Otherwise, at the rate they’re going, there will be one soon.

I’d love to share more treasures with y’all tonight, but I hope you’ll understand that I’m quite literally falling asleep on the keyboard.  Incoherent thoughts are not far off – I’ve already had to re-write this paragraph probably four times.