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Another wedding day.

So, what we came to Pennsylvania to do.  Get people married.  The wedding was at St. Rita’s Catholic Church in Connellsville (~45 minutes away from Greensburg, which is ~45 mintues away from Pittsburgh.  Clarity).

I’ve been in many a Catholic church in my lifetime, having attended regularly for eight years, but this one seemed more saint-heavy than most.  They also had some of my favorite 50’s throwback reads.

On a more practical note, Marcus and I kind of loved the seal they had on their programs.  Might have to look into that one.

And then, naturally, post ceremony (it was ~4 hours before the reception), we went to The Headkeeper again for more quality brews.  In the mix: Hop Back Amber Ale, Thirsty Dog Raspberry Ale, Wells Banana Bread Beer, New Holland Imperial Hatter India Pale Ale and Rogue Dead Guy Ale.

Marcus also sampled another something and I enjoyed this slice of heaven, a Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout.

Just lovin’ those giant beer fridges.

There was another wedding at our hotel as well, so I snuck in and snapped a picture of their set-up.

And then we balled into our reception.

The photos on the table were meant to be centerpieces and favors.  While I like the idea of a non-floral centerpiece, I don’t love the idea of taking home a favor that’s a photo of someone else.  It kind of misses the mark.

Dinner was basically inedible.

I addressed the issue by eating my dinner off of the dessert tables…

To explore the phenomenon of the Pittsburgh dessert table, enjoy this New York Times article, The Wedding?  I’m Here for the Cookies

My plunder looked like so…


A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

And just to prove to y’all that I’m an outfit repeater…




Detox Time

I’ll owe you all a MUCH longer post tonight about yesterday’s capades.

In the here and now since I’m blogging from my phone at the Atlanta Airport, I thought I’d take a moment to discuss something more relevant in the here and the now. Seeing as I just split a chicken strip meal from Popeye’s with Marcus.

I would describe my eating habits to be flexitarian. My diet is primarily comrpised of vegetables (Michael Pollan Food Rule – Only eat things that rot. And another for you all, Eat what stands on one foot, before what stands on two feet, before what stands on all four feet.), and unless I’m craving meat (excluding fish) I usually don’t cook it. Left to my own devices, I eat it once or twice per week.

In Pennsylvania? They do not adhere to this rule. I saw lots of iceberg lettuce (I mean, you really have to be in the right mood to do that), an impressive show of veggies at the hibachi place we went, and that was about it. If there was a bounty of vegetables hiding somewhere in the Suburban Pittsburgh-area, it was unbeknownst to me. So, yes, I am currently a hot mess of refined carbs (read: french fries and bagels) and chicken, specifically.

This week? Detox time. I haven’t even gained a pound, but my body feels like it’s been steam rolled and I look like a pillowy-er version of myself because I’m retaining water. Do.not.want.

It’s all right and good to try and win the healthy eating while traveling battle, but sometimes, you really just can’t. To that end, I’ll be sure to let you all know on what day I finally feel like a normal human being, and what it all took to get to that point.

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