Daily Archives: 05.29.2010

Longest Day Ever.

Food python = survived.

Friday morning started off bright + early at the Minneapolis airport.  Really, I just couldn’t help myself.  It was like 4:45 AM.  Just call it the longest day ever.

We also discovered that because of my weight loss, my lorazepam (I take it to fly because I’m pretty much the most anxious flier…ever) whacks me out like, whoa.  I was not entirely sure of the concept of gravity while we walked down the jetway on our layover.

The ‘fit I ended up wearing.

Yes, my purse is almost the size of my torso.

And one of the many treats I ended up packing…Because that’s what trips are all about…treats.

Can I just say I only bought this bar because it was on-sale at Target for $2?  LOVE.  Not as much as Scharffen Berger Semi-Sweet 62%, but pretty much a lot.  Definitely buy a bar if you see it at the store.  Other treats involved Vogue, ELLE, In-Style, and marie claire magazines.  I only buy magazines when we’re going on vacation!

And in case you didn’t know, Pittsburgh is the home of Mister Rogers.  Have.a laugh.

While in Pittsburgh proper, we visited the Andy Warhol museum which was a compilation of the good, the bad and the ugly.  The pop-art pieces we’re all familiar with were incredible to see in-person.  But then we also found this…

…It’s called Clouds and it’s an interactive installation piece that Warhol designed.  It was fantastic.  Marcus, Laura (we were sharing a car with her because our flights landed so closely together) and I had the biggest smiles after that one.

We also saw all of the yellow bridges.  Totally ridiculous.

Driving in Pittsburgh made 494 look like a freaking charm, but we were richly rewarded when we made it to Greensburg.  Before we left for PA, I Yelp-ed some places and found out about The Headkeeper (yes, their website looks like someone is nostalgic for Geocities or Angelfire).  The only ground rule that Marcus and I set for ourselves is that we couldn’t purchase beers we had ever drank or seen before.  Since the Fall and Winter Brew-Fests do a good job of exposing us to the flavas of the US.

This is what their set-up looks like.

~600 microbrews.  I was a little bit proud that I had one of the featured brews in my fridge.

Round 1: A Dynana’s Big Brown Ale for him and a Great Divide Wild Raspberry Ale for her.

Round 2: A Ballast Point Big Eye India Pale Ale for him and a Fort Collins Brewery Chocolate Stout for her (I know the bottles aren’t next to their respective brews).

And we also got to eat this incredible forest mushrooms saute on toasted baguette.  Mouth.party.  Will be figuring out how to make this when we return home.

We’re going back again today in-between the ceremony and the reception.  There simply isn’t another option.

And last but not least, we got to navigate the twisted-Pennsylvania liquor sales laws.  I knew there was some screwy stuff going on with this place, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, as last time I was in a liquor store in Pennsylvania, I was 16 and with my parents.  SO, first we stopped at a beer-only store (we wanted wine).  After stopping at a gas station to buy batteries, the kind cashier directed us to the Beverage Warehouse.  At said warehouse, we asked about wine and the owner looked at us very seriously and said “I have malt-based coolers, but I don’t carry wine-based coolers.”  The message was totally lost there.  Thankfully, he was able to direct us to the state-owned store (See?  Screwy.) four blocks down the street, where we were richly rewarded.

With Funky Llama, an under-$10 bottle of wine that Marcus has been wanting to find/try/buy forever.

I tire.  And it’s only 11 AM.

Death by Accessory

I’ve been playing…again.  But as I tell Marcus, faux e-shopping spares me the harsh reality of actually spending money.

This definitely capitalizes on the two things that I excel at.  Wearing go to hell clothes, and over-accessorizing to compensate for the fact that I didn’t actually try.  Embarrassingly enough (or actually, I’m a little bit proud of this fact), I’ve found myself in this sort of situation more than once. 

If you don’t own an insane cocktail ring, jump on it.  With rings that size, most people would never dare to ask you if its real or not.  So, basically as long as you don’t buy something where the metallic finish will chip into bits, you’ll be totally safe. 

My homework assignment?  Buying a kick-ass belt.  Because right now, the two brown ones I have simply aren’t going to cut it.