Daily Archives: 05.27.2010

Uno, dos, tres…quatorze?

First off, can I just say that I LOVE knowing that I am not the only human being on the planet who is forced to carry her man’s things while adventuring?

Strength in numbers.

Second, a tidbit I need to share with y’all because every time I tell someone about this I get super-confused responses.

I play the bassoon.  Even Lindsey was like, totally aghast at this.  And she knows most-everything about me.  I’ve been taking lessons for the past two weeks because on June 1st, we’re doing a Mr. Holland’s Opus-style shindig for my high school band director, who is retiring.  In case you were wondering, June 1st in Plymouth has, by proclamation, been named Chip Williams day.  That’s what you learn to expect from the #1 small town in America.  All of that aside, I like playing the bassoon.  Relative to most bassoon players I’m actually good at playing.  And now that I’ve started playing it…again, I’m a little bit more than kind-of horrified at the prospect of having to give it up…again.  So right now I’m at the beginning of the process of determining how to not-have that happen…again.
Third, the other dress arrived today.  And it’s absolutely gorgeous.  It’s the same material as the dress I’m wearing to the reception, but otherwise this dress is 100% not the same at all.  And, most importantly, it fits.  I’ll be wearing it to our engagement party on the 12th 🙂  And to our rehearsal dinner 🙂  And, hell, because it’s so freaking pretty, probably a wedding shower or two 🙂  But, like I promised you all, tomorrow morning you’ll finally get to see what the ladies in my wedding party would have picked for me to wear to the engagement party as well!

And last but not least, the winner of the Tenaciously Yours, Birthday Giveaway is Kt B!  Congratulations lady – you have seven days to send your mailing address to tenaciouslyyourskw at gmail dot com and I’ll ship that lovely mini-skinny your way!