Daily Archives: 05.26.2010


What was lovely about this evening was that it wasn’t un-godly humid (miracle) and that I got to relax on my patio with Marcus and this simple, yet lovely arrangement.

And it was exactly the ammo that I need to make it through tomorrow.  The scene you didn’t see were the mexi-baked potatoes and the frozen brownie I just had to have.  Obviously.

But as I am given to doing as of late, it’s time to re-direct to what I actually meant to tell yout onight.

So apparently most of the world didn’t realize that Marcus and I were going to Pennsylvania on Friday for yet ANOTHER wedding. 


I apologize in advance for the fact that the dress I’m wearing in the pictures will be the exact same one that I wore last weekend.  But it’s a totally different set of friends, and this summer it really isn’t practical to have a different dress for each fete.

Because air travel renders my multi-tasking skills useless (I mean seriously, you should really see me in an airport…it’s a horror show), I’m forced to plan all sorts of ridiculousness ahead of time. 

What to wear?  That blue-striped hooded tunic I bought a couple of weeks ago with leggings, some variation on gladiator sandals and a pashmina BECAUSE PLANES ARE FREEZING.  And, lately you seem to end up without a blanket, a pillow or both. 

What to bring?  Snacks.  LOTS of snacks.  Specifically Clif Bars, Lara Bars, Fruit Leather, Apples.  Because airport food is overpriced and most of it is heinously unhealthy.  I’m saving my appetite for Bob Evans, thank you very much.  After that?  All bets are off. 

And, lest I neglect to give you the whole, unvarnished truth about my relationship with Marcus, you must know that once we pass through the security checkpoint, he feels the need to divest himself of his worldly possessions.  What does this mean?  You wonder.  It means that I end up carrying his cell phone, wallet and sometimes (depending on whether or not he remembers to leave them at home) car keys in my purse.  And when I say car keys, I mean this isn’t like two or three keys, it’s a substantial object with detachable parts, bottle openers, and all sorts of other detritus attached to it.  I could NEVER EVER IN A MILLION YEARS carry something like that in a pants pocket, and not just because girls’ pants pockets are tiny and unsubstantial.  So I have to carry my biggest purse to accommodate all of his things + mine and you know, some basics to stash under my seat on the plane.

We leave at an ungodly hour on Friday morning, which means after our connecting flight, we end up in Pittsburgh at about 11 AM.  Laura doesn’t get married until Saturday afternoon, so I’m currently in the process of looking up “area-attractions” that we can enjoy whilst in the area.  Thus far, I’ve learned there are about a bazillion state parks round those parts, and that we can visit the National Aviary and the Andy Warhol Museum.

Back-Up Plan if People get Lame: Tanning by our chain hotel’s pool.  Fancy.

Last, but not least, don’t forget that we’re down to the last day of the Tenaciously Yours, birthday giveaway!  It takes five seconds to enter and basically all of the luck in the world to win!