Daily Archives: 05.25.2010

A change of pace: Loves

Friends, it has been SO fun to see you all come out of the woodwork with the giveaway!  And a HUGE shout-out to Krissy!   Knowing that there really are people who read this that I haven’t met in-person makes my life.  Keep reading lady!

But, back to your regularly-scheduled programming…

Glee tonight?  Amazing again.  I’ve been simply dying since last Tuesday for the Gaga episode and they delivered.

I COMPLETELY forgot to share this little treasure with you all last night, but on Sunday, I was invited to participate in a Cupcake Crawl!


Y’all know that this year has been my own personal cake and frosting renaissance if you will.  I’m still picky as hell, but today?  Can’t live without the stuff.  So just imagine my glee when little bird named Erica sent a Facebook invite my way.  That girl is a genius.  Hello, invitation to feast.

Naturally we’ll have several weeks to mentally (and physically) prepare for the task, but I’ll be sure to get to hear (and see!) our adventure once it takes place 🙂

And because we’re keeping the super-girly theme for this post today (no shame, people, no shame), let’s talk about DIY manicures and pedicures, shall we? 

This is the deal: I paint my nails and a day later they’re chipped to high hell.  It’s not awesome.  But last weekend while I was indulging my need for nude-colored nails and hot pink toes, I picked up a bottle of Rimmel nail polish at Target and ohmigod is that stuff amazing.  It’s on day three and so far?  No chipping.  Truly, I am astonished.

More loves…Trader Joe’s has an Australian Shiraz that they just added to their Two Buck Chuck menagerie.  As bizarre as it’s going to sound, I think that it would go extremely well with chinese food.  So a stir-fry of sorts might have to be on the agenda in the next week or so.  If you’re on the Two Buck Chuch party-train, get over to everyone’s favorite wine store and try a bottle.