Daily Archives: 05.24.2010

No Quarter

Hello, insane, furnace-like heat.  You’ve succeeded in doing what Tim (my stylist) with his strategic cutting and lots of product can’t: given my unusually sleek + flat hair volume.

I mean seriously, it was over ninety degrees here today.  And it’s HUMID.  Like, what do you even do about that?  Seriously.

I’ve been running my air conditioner at 60 degrees for the last three and a half hours (since I got home) and my apartment is still at least 75 degrees.  At the rate we’re going, Excel Energy is going to own my ass.  Ice-cold air conditioning is my guilty pleasure…Not that I’ll actually experience that tonight.

Running on the treadmill in the workout room instead of outside?  Still felt like running outside.  On a sunny day in the mid-70’s.

There is no quarter.

Can we also take a moment to talk about the fact that there is a spider in Marcus’ bed?  He bites.

We don’t love that.

Or the fact that I’m cultivating an actual WASP graveyard by my patio door?  Somehow they make it into my apartment right around there and naturally, I have to give them death.  Because otherwise they will give me stings. 

We don’t love that, either.

Tomorrow?  A new shot at normalcy.

Last, but not least, keep those giveaway entries coming!  Y’all have until Thursday evening to enter!


Dress Season

It’s dress season.  Mind you, my entire life is dress/skirt season.  If I had the dollars, this is the next Lilly I’d snap up because I think it would be SO cute for work (provided you’re not in a business professional workplace) or for going out with friends on the weekend because it’s so bright!  Just swap the shoes out.  Or not.

On that note, I really do own both of the pairs of shoes that are pictured here.  While I haven’t gotten to adventure properly in my McKims (I refuse to wear them into a bar where some moron will accidentally slop beer all over me and thus on my sandals as well), those nude pumps and I?  BFFFFFS.  If you don’t have a pair, GO GET THEM.  They’re at Target, they’re like $25.  They’re a great height (I hate mid-height heels, they’re by far the most uncomfortable to wear in terms of the pressure on your feet.)  and most simply put, they’re just chic.  They go with anything and thus, we love them.  If you have to pick one thing to add to your wardrobe, these are it.

And for another accessory-essential, be sure to enter the giveaway!