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Cosmic Synergy


Cosmic Synergy.

Ever since the phrase was coined on GREEK last year, I’ve embraced Cappie’s mentality.  And this will help us make sense of today.

Because y’all know I ordered that dress off of the Preppy Outlet with the hope that I would be able to wear it to the reception.  Right?

For the record, I ordered this dress.

Picture from the Preppy Outlet.

The dress that I pulled out of the FedEx bag this afternoon was not that dress.  It was white, and made of brocade, yes.  But it definitely wasn’t that dress.

BUT, in a stroke of cosmic luck, the dress I ended up pulling out of the bag IS the dress that I’m wearing for the reception.  It’s simple and delicate and danceable and ABSOLUTELY perfect.

Cosmic synergy.

Have you entered the Tenaciously Yours, birthday giveaway yet?

So the dress I originally ordered?  I think it will be coming this week so that I can see if it’s a good choice for the rehearsal dinner.


Mike and Maari got married yesterday and the whole affair was just SO lovely.

Before we venture any further, I’m sure you’ll notice the casual blend of high and low photo-quality.  A HUGE thank you to Mads for snapping a couple of shots for me!  You can also check out her blog for another take on the wedding.

They weren’t insane on the flowers so, this was the ceremony set-up.

What was really cute is that each of the bridesmaids carried a different-colored bouquet and then all of those colors were in Maari’s bouquet, which, unfortunately I neglected to snap a pic of.

The reception was at the Minneapolis Golf Club.  The tables were pretty, but understated.

Did I mention that I love arrangements of short-stemmed roses?

Steph threw one of the “Visitor” nametags on at the church to increase her odds of talking to strangers.  Not so successful.

We may or may not have stormed the open bar.  Chris’ bowtie choice was definitely a fashion yes.  What you’re not seeing is the seersucker blazer he brought with to compliment it.

Dinner was spinach-stuffed chicken wrapped in phyllo (average) in cream sauce (mildly memorable), with steamed veggies (undercooked) and scalloped potatoes (unmemorable).  What was freaking incredible was their wedding cake.  I’ll definitely be calling Mar about that one because that cake is something I could get on-board with.  There were chocolate and red velvet layers, I most definitely ate slices of both.

Love these ladies x2.

Naturally, we did some serious dancing too.  Marcus was ready to be the partner of my dreams, but my evening  (and most of our group’s) was hijacked by a militant four-year old named Jayna who got seriously peeved when we deviated from her dance moves which involved lots of arm waving, leaping in the air, twirling and squatting.  Aerobics instructors have nothing on that child.  I woke up this morning and it was all HELLO PAIN.

On a completely unrelated (yet totally related) note (you know what I mean), after last night’s photographic extravaganza, I know that it’s time for me to get y’all some nicer pictures to look at.  It’s taking all of the self-control I have not to run out to the store today and snap up a new digital camera (The one I have is from 2005 so my BlackBerry really does have a nicer camera on it.).  BUT for good reason.  My birthday is at the end of the summer and so a new camera would be a lovely gift.  AND, I’ll be getting a new phone mid-summer (the Android or the iPhone), thus whatever phone I get will have a better camera in it than what I’m working with now.  That being said, after some brief research I’m looking at the Cannon PowerShot and the Nikon Coolpix.  If you have any input on which cameras are great versus which are horrible, by all means do share.

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