Making Them

I know I still owe you my engagement party dress-choices c/o my wedding party, but my hold-out bridesmaid promised (she’s in town this weekend) that she would have a selection to me on Sunday or Monday.

Meanwhile, the plans, we still need to be making them.

Last night Marcus and I balled over to the The Shout House with his parents, an assortment of family and some family friends to hear the pianos on a non-Wednesday night (80’s night is our scene) so we can figure out if they’re a viable option for music at the reception.


If we could get them with the bass guitarist and drum set as well, we’d have one hopping-party of a reception.  So we should probably get on figuring out if this is actually going to happen.

MORE excitingly, I think I’ve found my reception dress.  I honestly can’t remember if I shared this with you all or not, but I truly don’t want to wear a long dress for our wedding.  At all.  Marcus?  Has dreamed of having a big white wedding.  The compromise?  A long dress for the ceremony and a short dress (READ: For some serious dancing with sweet moves) for the reception.  It landed at The House on the Hill yesterday, so tomorrow I’ll be bopping over to try it on, get Mom’s opinion and

Cross your fingers!  If it is THE ONE, I’ll be sure to post a link  here so that y’all can take a peek.  I don’t want to upload an actual picture because invariably, that will be the day that Marcus actually decides he’d like to read my blog rather than live it in real-time (his reason for not reading daily).

And obviously, don’t forget about the giveaway we’ve got going on here!


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