Daily Archives: 05.21.2010


I know that I had what was most obviously the debate of the century with myself a few weeks ago pertaining to day-planners and what my diary of choice would be.

But I’m all about the BIG, IMPORTANT, DECISIONS.

There’s still a chance I’ll be going for the myAgenda.  But since it was only $6.95 on LifeGuard Press (they’ve mysteriously gone up $3 now?), I figured I might as well go in feet-first and start testing out the Lilly Pulitzer Time Flies agenda.

The pattern is called Paint-by-Numbers.  Mom was so taken by it that she had me order another for her ASAP.  She’ll be sporting the pattern with monkeys hanging off of chandeliers.  In what world that makes sense, we may never know.  But being preppy means spurning order and logic.

Marcus is finally back in town, so tonight we’ll be walking around Lake Calhoun (hoping for more Calhoun Sightings if that’s possible) and checking out some possible reception music choices (I promise, this one will actually be a good tale once we’ve finished living it in the here and now.).

Action Plan: Go rustle up your drink of choice, because it’s been a hell of a long week.  Enter the Tenaciously Yours, birthday giveaway if you haven’t done so already.  We’ll reconvene tomorrow.