Tids and Bits: Part X

Buenos noches amigos!

(Sidebar: Is espanol one of those languages where the plural always defaults to masculine?  Since you know, je parle francais.)

I’m all over the place this eve, so it’s definitely time to hit the Tids and Bits.  Hard.

  • Exposed: This evening, I was privileged enough to watch KARE 11 do an expose on middle-aged people learning that information you post on the internets isn’t private unless you make.it.so.  Eye opening stuff.  Who knew that when you Google your name, you can find information about yourself?
  • Gimme, Gimme More: We’re blazing through May like nobody’s business.  Which means that we’re about to roll right into sweet corn season.  In case you’re not in-the-kn0w about sweet corn and I, let me tell you.  I eat corn like a pro in the summer.  And by pro, I mean two fresh cobs at dinner is totally standard.  In most all situations, I’ll eat it before I’ll even think about touching anything else on my plate.
  • Hot Mess: Please, take a moment of silence in memory of Lindsay Lohan’s dignity.  And then, Netflix The Parent Trap, on-demand if possible.  The highs were so high, the lows were so low.
  • Late Night: With the exception of evenings like these, I never make it past the 10:00 news.  I may be one of the only people in America who enjoyed watching Jay at 9:00 pm.  But seriously, it was really freaking nice.  Now, I just want to pass out.

And, naturally, don’t forget to enter the Tenaciously Yours, birthday giveaway!

Kat out.

One response to “Tids and Bits: Part X

  1. Consider totally messed up rather than totally F’ed up. Same message, more in line with Theta and Beth El values.

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