Birthday Time!

Kittens, no lie, I have been SO excited about this for MONTHS!  Because, you see, the idea smacked me upside the head, I went to get the goods, and then had to keep it in the heart.

Until now.

Today, Tenaciously Yours, is two.  A terrible time, as some are given to saying.  I hope terrible = ferosh.  You want meaningful thoughts?  Check these.

That being said, Lord knows today I would love to be Oprah on her favorite things episode, buying faves en masse and distributing them to the deserving.  Mais non, I am not her.

Back to reality.

I do love the Coach Mini-Skinny.  After receiving two for my birthday one year (one from my parents and one from a psychic-Linds), I fell in-love.  It’s the perfect wallet replacement.  It goes in the purse, it goes in the pocket, it goes in the wristlet.  I managed to destroy one, so using one of those jazzy 25% off Coach coupons that are my trademark, I rolled over to the store and nipped up another. 

And then another FOR YOU.

Photo courtesy of Coach.

Yes, that’s right.  Giveaway time.  AKA COME OUT OF HIDING TIME.  I know you’re reading because you call/Facebook/text/e-mail all.the.time.  Today?  We use the comment box.

You can go for up to three entries, so this is how we do:

  1. Comment here.  Share a favorite Tenacious moment if you like…Or don’t.  I’d just like to know you’re alive after all of this lurking!
  2. Tweet.  It’s as simple as cutting and pasting the following (including the link!):  @kljw Happy birthday Tenaciously Yours,!  I want to win a Coach Mini-Skinny! .  Comment here that you’ve done so with your Twitter tag.  You know, so you get the cred.
  3. Blog about it and link-it-on-back.  Comment here.  Include the link to that lovely post of yours.

Since mi madre has taught me to be fond of celebrating birthdays for a week, you should know that I’ll be taking entries through May 27th at 5 pm.  A winner will be announced that evening.  I’ll use that random number generator thang that other bloggers seem to be so fond of and that mini-skinny will have a new home that isn’t on my television stand!

Read: Once your name is drawn, we’ll commune to get some contact info, I’ll box it up and ship it on over to you.

29 responses to “Birthday Time!

  1. Just Tweeted via @theerah about your 2nd birhday! So excited to share a source of sassy and sophisticated writing that has helped me break out of a news-style shell and become more feature-y. LOVE!

    Happy Birthday!

  2. I love your blog. I love that you’re doing a half marathon. I love that you’re giving away stuff! But I never win whenever I enter contests and crap like that. We’ll see if you have the magic touch!

  3. I seldom tweet but thought I should finally join the crowd. If you enjoy the crazy antics that follow my mother, take the time to read a few of her pearls of nonsense @momvslogic.

  4. Favorite blog moment: Our American Girl doll discussion that we had via email that made it to blog importance, and how you didn’t use our real names but instead gave us doll names. Classic.

  5. Your blog is a source of daily amusements and ponderings for me, so I’m not sure I have an absolute favorite buuuuuuuuuuuuuut if I had to pick something, it might be your freezer diaries. Or perhaps your entry about taking fang for a “walk”.
    No no no. I DEFINITELY have a favorite!!!!
    The one where you got regretsy-ed. Hands down.

    Congratulations on year two!

  6. woops, i didn’t enter my full email.

  7. I dont think I have just one favorite either but I do love when you have pictures to go along with your stories, it just adds to the entertainment!!

  8. Came here via regretsy one day and I couldn’t stop. Full time lurker. I used your refrigerator pickels receipe and it is NOM.

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  10. You are fully aware of my lurking, so I don’t think it qualifies as such. And I love free stuff. Sign me up!

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  12. @lisgrace is wishing you a happy birthday as we speak…and you know that I check your blog almost obsessively for updates on your life since I can’t be there myself 🙂 I’m looking forward to your email!

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  14. Just tweeted via @Stinger24. Happy birthday to your blog and see you tonight!

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  18. ooo oo I want to enter. And my favorite post is the engagement, OBVIOUSLY

  19. You know you’re on my Google Reader, so I see every post about 3 minutes after it’s live. 😉

    My favorite part? When you gave me my online handle!


  20. ericaribnick

    Kat… I added your website as a blog post for today. Here is a link to my blog. It is still a work in progress and I would love your help sometime. Love Coach and love your giveway!

  21. Happy Birthday To You!! (I was trying to be creative/clever by saying the To You because it is the same initials as the name of the blog but now I just sound like a dork.)

    Here is to another year and keep on stayin’ classy, T.Y.!

    Reasons why I love Tenaciously Yours…
    1. It inspired me to write my own blog. Tenaciously Yours made me realize that blog writing isn’t that scary.
    2. I love the posts about Theta and Minneapolis references (makes me feel like I’m right there with you ;)).
    3. I love how we have similar styles and when you report about your good fashion finds, it makes me want to go out and snatch up that item too! (P.s…Nude heels…Love them! I might get my own pair! I saw them the other night and they are sexy!)
    4. I like it when you have guest posts. While I like your style and creative mind, I like how you inspire other people to bring out that side of them, that they might not normally do.
    5. It is written by you!

    Happy Birthday!

  22. consider yourself linked-back from my blog!

  23. So, as I was facebook stocking I fell upon Kat’s website and the FREE mini skinny caught my eye and decided to check out the blog… My oh my, did I fall in love with your blog Kat!!! I guess I have to become more with it, since I no longer live amoung college friends. Yes, I spend my free time outside on a farm w/ my beau planting tomatoes, cutting firewood, or whatever you may think of when you think of hanging out in a hick town.
    Love ya Kat and I didn’t forget I still owe you deer meat after hunting season in the fall 🙂

    My favorite moment would be the re-gretsy’s as well. I remember a few girls and I talking about it and laughed hysterically about it!!!

    Happy Birthday 🙂
    P.S. this blog is now going to by marked as one of my favorites 🙂

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  25. I just tweeted via @Pashionista. I hope I did it right!

    Happy Birthday!

  26. Just found out you have a blog, don’t know where I’ve been the past year. Thanks for giving me something to read during work!

    Happy birthday!

  27. wrong email, sorry

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  29. Hey Kat–just stalked your blog, and I love it! I figured I’d let you know I thoroughly enjoy your writing and our shared loves of fashion and fitness, and that I might as well enter this contest as well 🙂 See you soon!

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