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Tids and Bits: Part X

Buenos noches amigos!

(Sidebar: Is espanol one of those languages where the plural always defaults to masculine?  Since you know, je parle francais.)

I’m all over the place this eve, so it’s definitely time to hit the Tids and Bits.  Hard.

  • Exposed: This evening, I was privileged enough to watch KARE 11 do an expose on middle-aged people learning that information you post on the internets isn’t private unless you make.it.so.  Eye opening stuff.  Who knew that when you Google your name, you can find information about yourself?
  • Gimme, Gimme More: We’re blazing through May like nobody’s business.  Which means that we’re about to roll right into sweet corn season.  In case you’re not in-the-kn0w about sweet corn and I, let me tell you.  I eat corn like a pro in the summer.  And by pro, I mean two fresh cobs at dinner is totally standard.  In most all situations, I’ll eat it before I’ll even think about touching anything else on my plate.
  • Hot Mess: Please, take a moment of silence in memory of Lindsay Lohan’s dignity.  And then, Netflix The Parent Trap, on-demand if possible.  The highs were so high, the lows were so low.
  • Late Night: With the exception of evenings like these, I never make it past the 10:00 news.  I may be one of the only people in America who enjoyed watching Jay at 9:00 pm.  But seriously, it was really freaking nice.  Now, I just want to pass out.

And, naturally, don’t forget to enter the Tenaciously Yours, birthday giveaway!

Kat out.


Birthday Time!

Kittens, no lie, I have been SO excited about this for MONTHS!  Because, you see, the idea smacked me upside the head, I went to get the goods, and then had to keep it in the heart.

Until now.

Today, Tenaciously Yours, is two.  A terrible time, as some are given to saying.  I hope terrible = ferosh.  You want meaningful thoughts?  Check these.

That being said, Lord knows today I would love to be Oprah on her favorite things episode, buying faves en masse and distributing them to the deserving.  Mais non, I am not her.

Back to reality.

I do love the Coach Mini-Skinny.  After receiving two for my birthday one year (one from my parents and one from a psychic-Linds), I fell in-love.  It’s the perfect wallet replacement.  It goes in the purse, it goes in the pocket, it goes in the wristlet.  I managed to destroy one, so using one of those jazzy 25% off Coach coupons that are my trademark, I rolled over to the store and nipped up another. 

And then another FOR YOU.

Photo courtesy of Coach.

Yes, that’s right.  Giveaway time.  AKA COME OUT OF HIDING TIME.  I know you’re reading because you call/Facebook/text/e-mail all.the.time.  Today?  We use the comment box.

You can go for up to three entries, so this is how we do:

  1. Comment here.  Share a favorite Tenacious moment if you like…Or don’t.  I’d just like to know you’re alive after all of this lurking!
  2. Tweet.  It’s as simple as cutting and pasting the following (including the link!):  @kljw Happy birthday Tenaciously Yours,!  I want to win a Coach Mini-Skinny!  http://wp.me/pGQNu-pX .  Comment here that you’ve done so with your Twitter tag.  You know, so you get the cred.
  3. Blog about it and link-it-on-back.  Comment here.  Include the link to that lovely post of yours.

Since mi madre has taught me to be fond of celebrating birthdays for a week, you should know that I’ll be taking entries through May 27th at 5 pm.  A winner will be announced that evening.  I’ll use that random number generator thang that other bloggers seem to be so fond of and that mini-skinny will have a new home that isn’t on my television stand!

Read: Once your name is drawn, we’ll commune to get some contact info, I’ll box it up and ship it on over to you.