Daily Archives: 05.19.2010

100% – 200% – 300% = Ahead

I didn’t char any fingers off today, so we’re 100% ahead from yesterday.

What brought us 200% ahead (yes, I’m using the royal “we” today)?  My Lilly order came in the mail!  I mean, it looked cute on the internets, but in person?  Oh my freaking God.  It hurts.  The sandals?  Worth the wait.  And that strawberry-pink dress I snapped up?  Will probably be my wedding-guest dress for the rest of the spring (or until we start repeating friend-groups).  The tunic will have to be taken in, but I’m going to wait until the end of the summer on that one because Lord knows I won’t be the same size that I am now.

300% ahead?  Being able to eat dinner outside this evening with Billy and Dad (Mom is out of town as well right now) since this has been pretty much the most gorgeous week weather-wise.

To tie-up a few loose blog-ends, there’s just a few things you should know…

  • I’m working on adding more recipes to the Favorite Eats section.  I know this winter we got a little bit boring, but we all know I’ve still been cooking so, it’s only fair to share my capades and new-faves with you!  That being said, if there’s a recipe you just LOVE, please send it my way via tenaciouslyyourskw at gmail dot com.
  • I’ve also added some new links under “Deals” for Rue La La, Gilt Groupe and HauteLook.  Feeling like a shopaholic but don’t want to shell out the monies like moi?  Click on those links and sign-on-up! 
  • Finally, I’m waiting on one more dress submission from a bridesmaid and then I’ll be able to share with y’all what those six ladies would have me wear on June 12th for our engagement party.  It’s kind of amazing actually.

And don’t forget to roll over here before lunch tomorrow!  Exciting things are coming your way 🙂