Daily Archives: 05.18.2010

All together now.

Preface: Glee was again, incredible.

What is not awesome: I roasted my thumb tonight on a hot pan of vegetables coming out of the oven.  Were it photogenic or even remotely not-gross, I would share a snapshot with you all.  Rather, I have a blister that’s an inch long on my right thumb.  Since I can’t run cold water on it all night (for a number of logical and ethical reasons), I’m using a piece of frozen venison to chill it.  Don’t worry, while totally raw, it’s also totally in a bag. 

All together now: DO NOT WANT.

Add that to an extremely gnarly chest cold?

All together now: DO NOT WANT.

That aside, Marcus is in North Carolina this week for business.  When Marcus is away, I get to cook what I consider to be “alone” food.  AKA stuff-you-could-never-serve-to-anyone-else-as-a-civilized-and-standard-meal food.

Last night?

Red wine, crusty bread and brie.

Roasted brussels sprouts, with mustard aioli and BBQ sauce for dipping.

I was in a mood, okay?  But y’all know this would never fly with Marcus. 

Cravings happen.