Daily Archives: 05.16.2010

Goodbye to you!

It’s been a hell of a long year, but today friends I made it to a milestone.  I’ve officially lost 50 pounds since last May.  And it has actually taken me a year.  If you would have asked me last May, I would have told you people who take a year to lose that amount of weight are lazy and OBVIOUSLY not trying.  Now?  Well, you’ve been watching.  I’ve had to fight for every damn pound and I am astonished every day that I’ve been able to make it this far.

For a mental image, I’ve lost an entire Australian Shepherd.

Photo courtesy of the American Kennel Club

Or for better reference….

Before.  Yipes.



But if you’ve talked to me, you know.  I’ve got ~25 more pounds to go.  AKA two bowling balls.  I’m 100% sure that running will feel that much better when I’m not hauling that around.  It’s rally time.

Out of this World

So amongst all of last night’s celebrations, this little treasure stood out.  I mean seriously, it just cracks me up.

You see, Tiffany, Ben’s wife, is a fantastic baker (and now, a cake decorator).  If I know that I’m going to a party that they’re throwing (or attending) where one of these little masterpieces is going to be present, it’s pretty much the highlight of my week.  I mean, can you SEE all of the frosting going on there?