Daily Archives: 05.15.2010

Tenses: Past-Present-Future

My cover-up came from GAP today.  It’s WAY bigger than I had expected.  So I was planning on returning it, except for the fact that my package lacks a return label.  Half of me wants to call it a “sign,” the other half wants to know WTF GAP?  Nonetheless, it looks as if I have a date with the dryer sooner than later to shrink the crap out of that all-cotton masterpiece.

And now I shall regale you all with tales of the insanity that is my life at this particular moment in time.

Last night? We celebrated Jason’s graduation from his MBA program with a lovely backyard BBQ.  His fiance, Christine (they’re getting married in August) had pitchers of Sangria on hand which really made my life because you either get it at restaurants or parties, but you never, EVER make it for yourself.

Today?   Totally dedicated to grocery shopping and baking for tomorrow’s housewarming/mezuzah hanging party and enjoying the sun, which has been such a foreign concept as of late.

Tonight?  Miss Maari’s bachelorette party (we were instructed to wear camisoles and zip-ups because apparently the t-shirts are a bit more see-through than she had anticipated) and Ben’s birthday.

Making memories is my mission.


On lilacs

I may or may not be tapping this out on my BlackBerry while in bed, embracing the blanket-burrito experience.

But that is neither here nor there.

Tonight, a little food for thought…Budding and blooming Lilac bushes in the spring are lovely. I find them to be fantastic.

Running past hedge row upon hedge row of them is not entirely unlike huffing poison gas.