Daily Archives: 05.13.2010

Love Lilly.

My throat is sore and I feel like hell, which I’m sure is going to toss my weekend plans off the tracks.

But there is a God.

And he hears prayers.

See, awhile back when I wrote Wardrobe Rehab, I mentioned that I was on the prowl for some mark-down Lilly.  Likely at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s.  So like a good bargain hunter I’ve been visiting weekly and checking the dresses out.  I’ve also been hoping and praying that when the time finally came, I would have the right amount of dinero to get the deal, and love my life.


You thought I was going to have a seriously religious conversation with y’all, didn’t you?


And then yesterday, by some mystical act of fate, I found out about the Lilly Pulitzer sample sale happening on Rue La La this morning.  OMFG.  I die.

And by die, I mean I did it.

Everything?  Less than $100 per piece.  Which if you know Lilly, is INSANE.  Those dresses usually go for $250 a pop.  Again, why I don’t have a closet full of them.


On a whim.  For the retail price of this dress, I was able to purchase EVERYTHING pictured here.

These McKim sandals?  I have been coveting for the last year.  And have not purchased because I refuse to pay $138 for a pair of sandals.  Not my problem anymore.

And the classic cut.

Literally unreal.

All photos care of Rue La La.