Daily Archives: 05.12.2010

Country meets Industrial

Because we are all being wedding voyeurs this season (We just got Facebook-ed for our address AGAIN – I think that brings our total to 8 for the summer?), I bring you first to Lindsey and Zach’s wedding at the Soap Factory, a converted factory (think 1900’s) in NE Minneapolis.

Their wedding was nothing I would have ever planned for us and yet watching them, it was completely perfect.

This piece here was like something out of Fern Gully.  Because of the window directly behind it, their ceremony was conducted in silhouette.

The perfect choice of floral arrangement for the aisles.  The artistic-twigs were a bit much though.  People kept on making a mess of them while trying to sit down.

For the record, this is exactly what happens when you have your wedding in the middle of a modern-art gallery.  But seriously, botched taxidermy should NEVER happen.  It’s bad for everyone.

Centerpieces.  Simple.  Frenetic.  Worked with the burlap tablecloths hiding underneath their sheer coverings.  Country meets industrial.

Classiest beverage selection.  Loved the red and white wine glasses.  No, the 5 Hour Energy was not a part of the open bar.

And naturally, the food.  It  was done by Chowgirls and it was probably the best I’ve ever eaten at a wedding (We also sampled their nosh at the Yelp Elite bash at the Soap Factory last fall.  It was also delish then, so I’d say that’s a specialty of theirs…deliciousness.).  Despite the fact that I just don’t understand microgreens, the asparagus playin’ in there was fantastic.  Roasted veggies?  Totally sold.  Truffled mashed potatoes?  Unexpected.  What I didn’t photograph?  The family-created dessert table consisting of toffees, buckeyes, chocolate-covered pretzels, cookies, truffles and the like.  I also didn’t photograph me dominating it.  Yes, you had better believe I sampled all of the above.

Digging this?  Expect more after our next wedding adventure on May 22nd.