Gold Star for Moi

Before we get things rolling, can we please just bask in how fantastic Glee was tonight?

Back to your scheduled programming.

The best news of the day?  I got another Review Of The Day on Yelp!

Separately, it’s entirely possible that I caved today and bought that striped cover-up that I showed you all this morning.

Here’s how it happened.  I saw it online in March.  Stayed strong.  Did not buy.  I saw another blogger sporting it in April.  Continued to resist the urge to purchase.  Was proud.  Yesterday I visited the GAP website on a whim and found that the blue and orange colors were marked down.  Made a deal with myself that I absolutely, under no circumstances could buy it, unless GAP sent me a sale code that would work on sale items.  Got the code this morning and after spending a fair amount of time trying to talk myself out of it, finally committed.  Case closed.  At least I can think-summer despite the constant rain, right?

I plan on letting it see the light of day when we leave for Memorial Day Weekend.

On that note, expect more stylings from moi.


One response to “Gold Star for Moi

  1. How does one style leggings?!?
    I hope none of my blog posts are divorced from reality. Please smack me if they are.

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