Daily Archives: 05.10.2010

Finding The Dress. NOT that one.

Obviously the wedding updates have been a bit sparse as of late.

The tide…it ebbs and flows.

But today, I have a fun one for you all!

I need a dress for my engagement party.  I mean, obviously the word “wedding” is secret slang for “Buy as many new dresses as you can without anyone suspecting you have a problem.”  But seriously, none of my dresses fit.  Nowhere in my reality does the Don’t buy a new dress and everything will be fine-category exist.

Shopping is fun.  But I really don’t have the time or the energy in the next month for a shopping-filled weekend extravaganza.  So I turned to my bridal party for the solution.  Today I asked them to go on the interwebs and find ~4 dresses that they thought would be perfect for a bride at her engagement party.  I also asked each of them to pick a favorite that I could share with you here in a week’s time.  Why?  Because seven heads are better than one.  And seven, stylish heads that don’t shop at the same places are definitely better than one.

Some of you probably think this is totally nuts, others may be wishing that they could be hunting for the perfect engagement party-dress as well.  So, consider this your own personal invitiation.  If you fall into the “wishing” category, get out there and find me some dresses!  E-mail your picks (and mark your favorite!) to tenaciouslyyourskw at gmail dot com.  I’ll be featuring ALL of the favorites and on a more serious note, I truly am hoping to find a dress out of this little experiment.  SO, don’t be shy!