Daily Archives: 05.09.2010

Mother’s Day

Preface: I know that Mother’s Day isn’t a day of recovery, but let me tell you, there’s no better way to move past a weekend of wedding festivities and birthday-partying than to enjoy brunching and walking and grilling.

For some, Mother’s Days are delicate things involving gardens, flowers and delicate activities.

Not-so in this lady’s world.  In the morning, we enjoyed brunch at Kramarczuk’s and then walked the Stone Arch Bridge.  Since Mom’s been wanting to do that for like, the last three Mother’s Days.  It was just time.  Despite the fact that Dad has a bum leg, we made it across that thing like it was nothing.

We got to enjoy modern marvels of engineering.

I’ve never actually seen a lock and dam “work” so it was fairly interesting as far as things go.

We also went to Marcus’ Uncle Jeff’s to celebrate with his family.  Grilling.  Corona.  Chihuahuas.

If that isn’t the right recipe for fun, I don’t know what is.

And despite the fact that he’s not a mother, Uncle John finally got the mounted version of the fish he caught last summer on the men’s fishing trip to Canada.  Marcus should be so lucky as to put one of those in the man-cave someday.