Daily Archives: 05.08.2010


Last year for Mother’s Day, Billy and I ended up stumbling upon an estate sale in Medina and brought home a lovely silver-plated chafing dish and a giant, etched brass platter.  The Mama, she fussed at us.  We informed her that no one else’s mom would fuss at us if we brought such treasures to them.  The brass platter now has a place of honor on the coffee table in the living room.

So this morning, what better way to make things happen for this Mother’s Day than to go on an Estate-sale adventure.  First I needed to make a side-trip to Caribou for some caffeine.  Lattes are a treat and Lord knows a morning of adventuring warrants one!  Billy got an iced tea that tasted like ammonia.  You win some, you lose some.

The sale we visited was a “Renovation Sale.”

Our fellow shoppers.

There was talk amongst our fellow sale-rs in hushed tones of synchronizing watches.  When I called home to talk with Mom and Dad about a chair they purchased yesterday, glares abounded.

We found nothing at this place.  However, we did get to enjoy the remainder of the morning by adventuring around Lake Minnetonka and then capping it off with a stop by the Galaxy Drive-In, which I’ve been wanting to try FOREVER.  A greasy burger with seasoned fries and a Coke?  The right way to wrap-up a hard morning’s work.


Good?  Yes.

But Bueno is actually the name of this theme and friends, I think that it’s a keeper.  It ain’t perfect, but it’s a hell of a lot better than the hits and misses I’ve been having in my hunt for The Theme.  Some girls look for The Dress.  But no, I’ve been looking for something pretty to show you all here.

Plus, we have the added joy of the drop-down menus I loved that ended up getting scuttled with theme disaster uno.