Daily Archives: 05.07.2010

Weekend? We can.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think ahead of time for tidbits to share with you all on this dreary Friday, so let’s get serious.

Sweaters and Uggs tonight.  Disappointment level?  High.  Shame level?  Negative.

It’s easier to deal in absolutes. So let’s talk about what you care about.  Weekend plans.

Shabbat Shalom.  As Marcus says (and despite how incredibly dorky I find this to be, it’s also SO endearing), “Let’s get our pray on.”

We dine.  On sushi.  Because when I roll into the sushi bar, it’s like the antithesis of Earth Day and sustainable fishing practices.  It.happens.

Cinco de Joseph.  The birthdays, we celebrate.

Sib-adventure.  The tales.  Will be told later.

A weddin’.  Our friends, they are the marrying kind.  Look forward to all manner of editorializing on the nuptials of others in coming weeks.

Mommas.  We will fete them.  Even though Mother’s Day is really code for “Stuff-your-face-for-a-non-major-holiday.”  I’m on the case