Daily Archives: 05.06.2010

Copiously Coping

Work today?  Fairly anti-climactic.

Post-work?  I learned that we are no longer going to the cabin in a month because I am not just booked through May, nay, as of today my weekends are claimed until at least the third weekend in June.  Neat.  I also discovered that the workmen who came to repair the winter’s water damage in my apartment had neglected to properly ventilate the place after doing their little paint-job-thing.  Fumes everywhere.

Coping?  Copious amounts of Thanh Do.  And by copious I mean a cup of my favorite Chicken Tom Yum soup (my favorite!),  Cranberry Puffs (disappointing…some have taken up residence in my fridge) and Veggie Egg Rolls (NOM).

I take pride in my pity parties.  But going to Thanh Do was most clearly kismet because after placing my take-out order, I finally got to read last week’s issue of People with William & Kate on the cover.  Apparently exercising control was rewarded whilst I wasn’t exercising self-control.  Newsy?  Not so much.  Validated my decision not to buy?  Yes.

Fortune cookies?  Unfortunately failed to save the world.  Likelihood of a blanket burrito situation occurring in the near-future?  High.