Daily Archives: 05.04.2010

T-Minus One Month

Before we get rollin’ today, if you want to have a laugh, check out my guest post in Mads’ corner of the world.

This morning I realized that I am exactly one month away from some high-quality cabin time.  May has barely started and I already need a retreat to the North.  Like, seriously.  We’re at a weddings for 3/4 weekends (I feel like May 1st was an un-weekend) and the one weekend that isn’t taken over by a “Big Day” is dedicated to a birthday, bachelorette party and Marcus’ housewarming.

So what will await us in lovely Crosslake this summer?

For starters there will most certainly be craft.

And wild-animal pelt-art.  Because this is what happens Up North.

Naturally the flea market will excel at unpredictability.

These will be workin’ times.

Cousin times.

(Like really, this picture of Natty  just kills me.)

And relaxing times.