Daily Archives: 05.02.2010

Bad Decisions

So I enjoyed an easy, albeit soaked, trot for the 5k.

Not too shabby as far as drunk decision-making goes.

But that’s really neither here nor there.

In the here and now we’re talking about sober, (ideally) rational decisions.  You know, the kind where you make an effort to be fully, mentally present for as you actually make them.  The kind that maybe you don’t tell people about for a couple of days, while you try to determine whether or not said “rational” decision would more closely resemble a decision made while under the influence of alcohol.


Signing up to run a half-marathon?  Definitely NOT rational.

But rational or no, that’s just how we do.  Thus far Galina and Madelyn are running avec moi (This is yet another one of Galina’s fitness adventures that I’ve gotten roped into.) and Madelyn’s roommate/Martha’s brother/Marcus’ fraternity brother Joseph has verbally committed.  Basically, we’re trying to see how many people we can get to do this thang with us.  Running is more fun when you get to celebrate with lots of people.

And yes, this explains my adventures in blisters this week and my manic bolt for Dick’s Sporting Goods to round-up running socks.

Because I don’t want the entirety of my blog to be consumed by this mayhem (since fitness is NOT what Tenaciously Yours, is about) this is also 100% why I’ve created a “Trotting” section.  Here’s where you’ll find information on my weekly workouts, gear and God-knows-what-else we may pick up along the way.

Want to make bad decisions too?  Visit the 13.1 Minneapolis site to register and let me know that you did.  I mean, the more the merrier, right?

Re: Turn the heat down

Apparently Mother Nature got the memo yesterday that she was kickin’ it up too much too soon and that we needed to scale the party back a bit in order to have a proper May.  Hello, chilly.  And hello cardigans.  We all knew April was too good to be true.

I think everyone yesterday came to the same conclusion about the Kentucky Derby – it was average.  We know that we’re all psyched for Todd Pletcher, creeped out by $100,000-betting hairpiece guy and that the Derby is WAY more fun for everyone (both attendees and viewers) when  the sun shines bright.  There’s always next year.

This morning we headed over to the Plymouth Fire Department waffle breakfast.  I LOVE eating Belgian waffles, but they’re definitely like eating a dessert and not at all like eating a real meal.  Not shockingly, it was a delicious experience.  Conversely, I hope you’ll all forgive me for not snapping a pic with the person dressed up in the dalmatian suit.  I just wasn’t feelin’ it.

Post-breakfast, I dedicated my time to checking my privacy settings on the internets.  More specifically, I told Facebook that no, I did not in fact want my information shared with partner websites (I think we all feel totally used by them already.  I see no need to expand upon this experience).  As for Twitter and the Library of Congress, they’re welcome to all of the thoughts they can handle.  Specifically, I hope that they take to heart my deep and undying hatred of the Toyota Tundra.  Between that little treasure and the musings of rabid Justin Bieber fans, I think we’ll have a solid snapshot of America’s collective unconscious.