Daily Archives: 05.01.2010

The sun shines bright…

Hello, Saturday.  I kind of love you.

Last night the fam balled over to the good old Metropolitan for the U of M Pharmacy School benefit.  It was memories all around.  We did a little beer tasting, some serious snacking and a dash of auctioning.  Billy and I “won” the opportunity to go kayaking with Dr. Elmquist for a day.  Do we know Dr. Elmquist?  No.  Am I good at kayaking?  No.  Will it be a memorable adventure with a stranger?  Yes.

This morning was beautiful albeit a little bit chilly and Mads and I took a long trot down the greenway (it was hardcore).  Post-fitness, I got my grocery shop on.  My reward?  One of the blueberry scones from Trader Joe’s that I’ve been eyeing up for the last month.  Goodbye, self-control.

The rest of the package? 

In my freezer.  If you were to peek in that thing today, you’d see a veritable carb-graveyard.  Why?  Because I don’t want (or need) to finish an entire loaf/pan/package of something in a week.  So usually I chop the offender into single-sized portions and toss the whole kit and caboodle into the freezer so that I can defrost and munch at-will.  Currently there are scones, most of a pan of brownies (I had to enjoy some while they were fresh!), an entire baguette, mini bagels, sandwich thins and mini-pitas in there.  Yes, I know that’s out of control.  But it’s also a little bit awesome.  For me.

But back to the real world.  In addition to it being Derby day, today is also Woodstock for Capitalists AKA Buffetpalooza AKA the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting.  And May Day.  Obviously. 

We’re also kicking off the start of the Tenaciously Yours, birthday month.  Yes friends, on May 20th this little patch of cyberspace will turn two!  But more on that when we get there.